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I hope you enjoy visiting this website.

After developing a passion for photography while traveling I loved the fact that
I could show people how I saw the world. I enjoy the way you can look through the viewfinder knowing you have a great image before you have even taken it.

Preferring to use available light…very seldom using flash.
Using manual focus cameras and lenses.Images sometimes adjusted for correct contrast as per the original.Some lab processing faults return interesting results and I put up a few now and then.
Born in Christchurch in New Zealands South Island.

Both surfing and photography being big parts of my life I find they compliment each other well, both being expressive pursuits and rewarding those that travel.

Your comments are much appreciated.

Equipment Used
  • nikon fm3a
    17 f2.8
    20-35 f2.8
    50 ais f1.4
    105 ais f2.8 micro
  • wide range of high color slide and fast/grainy B&W films
  • cross processing,multiple exposures and grad/polarising filters